The Council / Councillors

About the Council

Dry Drayton Parish Council consists of 6-7 councillors in a voluntary role whom meet very 6 weeks on an Tuesday evening together with a part time clerk who also has the role of Responsible Financial Officer. 

There are a variety of powers and duties that Parish Council has but most only use those that are relevant to their community. Parish Councillors are the closest level to the community and represent the people living in the local community and plenty of work is carried out by volunteers for the benefit of the community with no financial rewards. 




Specific Responsibilities of individual Councillors
  • Financial monitoring - To be allocated
  • Planning and local plan - All councillors
  • Footpaths - To be allocated
  • Grass cutting and verges - To be allocated
  • Communications - To be allocated
  • Policies - To be allocated

Your Councillors

Sean Houlihane

I moved to the village in 2018 and joined the Parish Council
soon after I became eligible as a resident. I am particularly interested in
planning issues.

Stephen Aldersley

My partner and I moved to Dry Drayton from London with the intention of it being our home for a short period until we found somewhere more to our liking. That was over 30 years ago, and we haven’t bothered to look any further.

I had a very demanding job which meant that I was rarely at home. However, now that I am retired, I decided that I wanted to support the village which we now call home. I was able to join the Parish Council in September 2020, and became Chairman the following year. I hope I am doing things correctly for Dry Drayton but please let me know if you think otherwise.

David Smith


I moved to Dry Drayton from the south coast in 2020 and feel fortunate to have moved to such a friendly and welcoming village.
I have attended most of the Council’s meeting since then, originally to find out more about the village and the wider area.
I feel it is a privilege to have been co-opted to the Parish Council in 2022 and I shall support its efforts to build on the sense of community within the village, to enhance the quality of life for all and to promote the interests of the residents and the identity of the village.


Jo Granger

I moved to Dry Drayton with my husband from London at the end of 2019 having retired from Role in Buying for M&S a month earlier.

Having read in the Bulletin that the Parish Council, I was keen to see how I could support, particularly in the light of so much planned growth in the local area.

My ambition is to ensure that the planned growth and proposed development of which there seems so much currently, truly reflects the needs of the local residents.

Elizabeth Pyle

I have been a resident of Dry Drayton for 28 years and at one time I was Chair of the School and Village Association and I have been a member of Dry Drayton Parish Council since 2018.